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 Roxie Cinema 2/14/2007 12PM

 Roxie  2/17/2007 4:30PM

“[Nick Peterson] is one of the best young filmmakers I have come across in a long time. His unity of vision is rare and gives me hope for the next generation of American filmmakers.” - Gus Van Sant

“Yellow,” an indie-musical-romanti-drama, marks the debut feature of award-winning filmmaker Nick Peterson. Interweaving rich-yet-realistic artistic direction, delicately balanced cinematography, and notably earnest acting is a feat in itself. “Yellow,” however, goes one step beyond, with Eric Schopmeyer’s lyrical compositions periodically highlighting the humor, self-awareness and thorny honesty found throughout this tale of sexual-wows and woes.

Natalie (played to wistful perfection by Nora Ryan), a disillusioned librarian, has “had it” with dating. One day over lunch, she disavows her pursuit of love (in a song of course) to her friend Christian (the dashing Nico Izambard). Aforementioned Eric Schopmeyer plays Matt, a downtrodden clerk who transforms into downright doe-eyed charming once Natalie has caught his eye. Set in relaxed, kitschy-hip Portland, “Yellow” strolls along, melodically chronicling Natalie and Matt’s relationship from their first-date duet to intoxicated interludes with friends, debating the very existence, or pertinence, of true love.

Beautifully shot in Super 16mm, “Yellow” paints a picture anyone could step into. Musical mavens, celluloid purists and the rest of us in between on life’s bitter/sweet continuum can dig this: insightful and intelligent filmmaking is alive and well. Furthermore, it can carry a pretty sweet tune.


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