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Do you like to be ‘on the list? Love being ‘with the band?’ Become an SF IndieFest Schemer! This year IndieFest launched a most excellent membership program. When you sign up, not only do you show us how much you really love us (nonprofit arts folks crave affection, you know), but you receive free tickets to our film festivals, free tickets to preview screenings throughout the year, free drink tickets during the fest and, AND, the oh so rare SF IndieFest T Shirt. Yes indeed. Something you’ll want to pass down to the grandchildren.

Your annual support plays a key role in keeping SF Indie a home for truly independent film and filmmakers. (We’ll still never sell or give your name away to third parties.) SF IndieFest is a 501(3)c–a portion of your contribution is tax-deductible. Visit the SF Indie Box office now!


Special Thanks to IndieFest Charter Membership Schemers

We offer our thanks to those very special people who joined the IndieFest Membership Scheme™ in its inaugural year:

Keeper of the Indie Fire, Protector of All that is Goodly and Far Out

Jason Wiener, Bill Woodcock, Mike Skurko


Lynka Adams, Wayne Bebb, Paul Jensen, Bart Johnson, James Park, Monica Ross,Andrea Semancik, Erin Sears, Eryn Sears


Susan Mamlock, Gina Guidi, Carrie Cordiero, Jesse kerman


Astrid Almkhaafy, Babalou Orlowski, Rob Black, Sharon Freeman, Arrel Gray, Chris Hatfield, Brandon Herring, Nate Lane, Abigail Lewis, Darren McKeeman, Carine Risley, Quindi Berger, Laina Vereschagin, Meghan Wurtz, Sara Sherman, Richard Jacobson, Lis Smith, Jessica Katzman, John Adams, Chris Leavitt

Special Thanks to Membership Scheme™ Stalwart Supporters

IndieFest deeply thanks Steve Indig, Chris Hatfield, the Landmark Theatres and the Late Night Picture Show for offering so many perks to our Schemers—and we encourage all IndieFest fans to go to to see indie film year-round. PS—If you or your friends miss an IndieFest smash, you might get another chance to see it at a Landmark Theatre.

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