San Francisco Chronicle

Indie Fest is the Real Deal
Remember the early 1990s, when the Sundance Film Festival was about real independent filmmakers wielding video cameras and Super-16 packages and budgets of less than $100,000?

That's about where the San Francisco Independent Film Festival is as it begins its eighth edition Thursday.
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San Francisco Examiner

Indie scenes
The San Francisco IndieFest always provides a welcome respite from the horrid January films that darken multiplexes this time of year. The eighth festival launches tonight with John Hillcoat’s Australian Western, “The Proposition,” at 7 at the Castro Theatre.
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San Francisco Bay Guardian

Outside is in - IndieFest travels beyond typical film-fest terrain
The San Francisco Independent Film Festival already has offshoots dedicated to documentaries and horror films. Is a minifest with an Asian focus next? Judging by this year's stellar lineup of crowd-pleasers from Japan and Hong Kong, I wouldn't be surprised.
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A Miike film - and weirder fare?
A certain mountain and one aging virgin aside, it's no secret that the quality of Hollywood product is on the decline. This week, you could go watch the When a Stranger Calls remake (recap: He's in the house!), or you could check out the San Francisco Independent Film Festival, where the combined total of every film's budget would maybe cover the cost of animating King Kong's opposable thumbs.
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SF Weekly

Film Threats
San Francisco IndieFest is, in a word, huge. What started as a one-film screening eight years ago has grown into the current 12-day monster featuring more than 100 films and videos at three different theaters. The change is most evident while watching the opening night's flick, The Proposition (Feb. 2), an Australian western set in the late 1800s that many will be determined to love, since none other than Nick Cave wrote the screenplay and the music. Fortunately, Cave is right at home: The Proposition is a poetic, gripping drama that tackles his hallmark themes of morality, violence, and myth. Powered by fine performances by John Hurt, Guy Pearce, and Danny Huston and anchored by Cave's restrained yet powerful score, it's a big film, expertly done.
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Bay Area Reporter

Indispensable independents
Our distinctly odd little city can take pride in the proliferation of small-to-midsize film festivals, which have in recent years grown as wildly as certain varieties of psychedelic mushrooms in a Texas cow pasture. The SF Independent Film Festival has now joined our venerable LGBT Film Festival as a place where basic American freedoms are given their ultimate artistic expression. This year's edition, the 8th SF Indie Fest, does not disappoint. Opening tonight at the Castro Theatre and running through February 14 at the Roxie Cinema and the Women's Building are 44 programs, of which I regret being able to report on only 10.
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8th Annual SF Indiefest