Michael Carroll
USA, 2006,102 minutes

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YEAR is the narrative debut from documentary filmmaker Mike Carroll, who was driven by a desire to "make a film that (he) would want to watch."

The story begins, simply enough, at the end of a calendar year. Preparations are being made for a New Year's Eve party. The annual gathering is quickly revealed to be a stiff formality where the lovers and relations of the four sisters Stone gather to bid the passing of the year, hopefully before their undeniably alcoholic matriarch-mother passes out.

Every sister was fathered by someone else, and all have keenly different stories . The incurable wild-child, the successful business-minded, the aging singer now living the Martha Stewart life (and married to her philandering writer husband, who seems to bed everyone from his sisters-in-law to his students), and the closeted lesbian, who lives with and looks after their dying mother.

Though the recap may smart of soap opera entanglements; the cinematic feat that is YEAR shares with us captivating scenery, clouds of expression, the revolution of one full year, and the nuanced moments of decision in these characters lives. Based in Northern California and shot over the course of 372 days, YEAR is a truly independent, remarkably constructed, and exquisitely acted film NOT to be missed.
– Alicia R. Perre-Dowd

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Leah Myerhoff
USA, 2005, 9 minutes

Inspired by and starring the director's mother, "Twitch" portrays a young girl's irrational fear that her mother's disability is contagious.

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