Ben Rekhi
USA, 2005, 85 minutes

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"Waterborne is an example of a filmmaker turning production limitations into his greatest asset. Lacking the money that any disaster movie would seemingly require, writer-director Ben Rekhi instead moves his camera in close to his actors so you can see – and almost smell – their sweat rising from their confusion and stress, and sense the chaos and civil disruption occurring off-camera. Claustrophobic locations and close quarters serve to increase tension with each passing minute. The film possesses an eye-catching style that is certain to inspire laudatory reviews that could attract cineastes."
– Hollywood Reporter

Ben Rekhi produced our 2004 Audience Award-winner, Bomb the System, and returns to IndieFest with his directorial debut, Waterborne.

Leading the way in what promises to be a prominent genre in the near future, Waterborne addresses what used to be a hypothetical situation: a highly populated urban center under terrorist attack. With a contaminated water source, Los Angeles is cast into turmoil. And with a shortage of vital resources, how far with the average person go to ensure their own survival? Or, to ensure the survival of their loved ones?

With outstanding performances by the ensemble cast, a thorough display of resourceful filmmaking, and a stark original score by Dredg, Waterborne succeeds in delivering a gripping exploration of the presence and closeness of chaos.


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What do you do when your past catches up to you?

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