Robert Patton-Spruill
USA, 2006, 88 minutes
World Premiere

Women's Building 2/10, 7p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/12, 215p Buy

One thing is for certain, what goes around comes around...

What goes around comes around and it hits the fan in Robert Patton-Spruill's third film Turntable, a fast moving pulp action drama.

When a drug deal worth $800K turns into a brutal ambush, the quest for street justice is on. But the quest soon runs cold at the feet of DJ Spyder (Russell G. Jones, Squeeze, Traffic), an emotionally aloof deejay. By night, Spyder spins records for the insanely controlling Victor Slade (Tony Todd, Candyman, The Rock), a man who would rather kill than lose his prized dancer, Critter; while by day, Spyder sleeps at his senile Uncle Charlie's brothel, where an endless parade of 'working girls' distract him from his inner thoughts.

This film is explosive from start to finish. Sex, drugs, action, violence and an amazing sound track? What's not to love? This is a film that will rock you out of your seat and keep your heart pumping, because it's going to make an impact and it's going to be heard. Authentic DJ and rap culture? Turntable offers cameos from rap artists Ed O.G. and Public Enemy's Professor Griff. Turntable has rocking beats and characters that jump off the screen and into your lap. Turntable? In with a bang and out with a flash!
– Mike Skurko

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