James Bonner
USA, 2006, 80 minutes
World Premiere

Roxie Cinema 2/08, 930p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/11, 7p Buy

Trap is a perfect film to feature as our IndieFest Valentines weekend gala. It's about husbands and wives – killing each other! Award-winning short filmmaker James Bonner's feature debut, is an artful horror that explores the place where salvation, love and insanity come crashing together; where four people go in – and only one comes out.

Nicole is trapped. She's caught in an abusive marriage that brings new meaning to the phrase 'until death do us part.' Her only friend, an on-line pal named Amy, admonishes Nicole to kill her husband before he does her in first. Nicole reluctantly agrees. She murders her husband and flees for Amy's distant home – and sanctuary.

But Amy is not what she seems: cruel and manipulative, she toys with anyone in reach. She's entrapped her own spouse, Chandler, and driven him half-mad with her constant taunting and humiliations. Amy doesn't realize how desperate Chandler has become. The trap is set and a game of cat and mouse ensues in this harrowing, painfully funny story about body disposal and other problems with burying the past.

If you enjoy movies that are well written and acted, crisply edited, colorful, fast paced, visually dense and consistently surprising, then Michigan based, (and avowed fan of local hero Sam Raimi) James Bonner's Trap is an excellent entertainment choice. Find a date you really trust for Saturday night and get your tickets early.

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