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An amalgamation of animation.

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Joanna Davidovich
USA, 2005, 4 minutes

A girl. A cat. A lot of emotional constipation.




Jun-Heon OH
USA, 2005, 2 minutes

The show must go on!



Il Pleut

Ineke Marynissen
Belgium, 2005, 8 minutes

A father and his daughter are in the bad mood, but the goldfish will break the monotony of this rainy day.



Tales of Mere Existence

USA, 2004, 7 minutes

Some of the stuff you think, but don't talk about.



Hide and Seek

Charlie Canfield
USA, 2005, 2 minutes
North American Premiere

Baby Wolf and Mama Wolf play in The Great Big Woods. Baby and Mama get separated, and before they meet again Baby discovers some of his surprising, and surprised, neighbors in The Forest.



Aim to Please

Christa Conforti
USA, 2005, 2 minutes

And the boy handed his umbrella to the monkey.



Left and Leave

Yongchu Suh
USA, 2005, 10 minutes

A road trip into memory and emotion. The pencil drawing was improvised (by a 'rightie' using his left hand) to attempt to reveal the subconscious, and the charcoal drawings (done with his right hand) represent reality.



Latent Sorrow

Shon Kim
USA, 2005, 4 minutes

Watch and see.



El Paguey

Ramon Paris / Tere Castillo
Spain, 2005, 3 minutes

Here comes the flood.




Derek Flood
USA, 2005, 9 minutes

The quirky tale of a five-year-old goth girl who sees The Light.



To a Man with a Big Nose

Cecilia Aranovich
USA, 2005, 3 minutes

A visual adaptation of a poem by Spanish author Quevedo. A frustrated little man is unable to get rid of his disproportionally big nose, which comes to life and decides to go on a strange journey.



Marvelous, Keen Loony Bin

Lizzi Akana
USA, 2005, 6 minutes

A day in the life of the headless, limbless, faceless, and brainless. There's always room for flying monkeys.



Full Metal Slacks

Scott Calonico
USA, 2005, 5 minutes

On August 7, 1964, President Lyndon Johnson signed the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution, authorizing the massive use of U.S. military force in Vietnam. Over the next ten years, over 50,000 American soldiers and 1,000,000 Vietnamese civilians would be killed. Two days later, on August 9, 1964, President Johnson ordered a pair of pants from his tailor in Dallas, Texas. This is the recording of that call.




Signe Baumane
USA, 2005, 10 minutes

IndieFest alumnus Signe Baumane returns with the story of an enthusiastic dentist, a reluctant patient and a strange picture on the wall.



Fumi and the Bad Luck Foot

David Chai
USA, 2006, 7 minutes

Fumi is a young girl whose left foot attracts bad luck. This affliction drives her to the brink of despair until she realizes that the source of her unhappiness might just be her most powerful asset.



The Fan and the Flower

Bill Plympton
USA, 2005, 7 minutes

An ill fated and unconsummated romance between a fan and a flower magically creates a fairy tale ending in the latest work from IndieFest regular Bill Plympton. A very atypical Plymptoon that was written and produced by Dan O'Shannon, and features the voice of Paul Giamatti (Sideways).

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