These Girls

John Hazlett
Canada, 2005, 92 minutes
US premiere

Castro Theatre 2/02, 915p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/05, 215p Buy

Based on Vivienne Laxdal's witty play, John Hazlett's These Girls updates sex farce for the twenty-first century. Randy young heirs have been replaced by bored, sexually avaricious teenaged girls determined to spend their post-graduation summer on something more interesting than saving for college. The film focuses on Keira and her two lifelong pals: ultra-conventional, pink-obsessed Glory and Seventh Day Adventist Lisa. With the exception of Lisa (who's destined for a religious college), their futures are pretty much up in the air.

Their ennui isn't helped by the fact that boys their age are proud to be going nowhere fast. An alternative presents itself in hunky local tough-guy Keith Clark (David Boreanaz, from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel). When they learn that Keith runs a marijuana grow-op (Canada's fastest growing and most innovative industry), Keira and Lisa sneak into his backyard to steal some pot, only to find babysitter Glory and Keith (who's slightly older and quite married) together in bed.

Envious, both Keira and Lisa are soon determined to sleep with Keith, and all three blackmail him into sex. At first, he takes it like a man, but eventually it gets complicated. The highly comic conflict hinges on the increasingly exhausted Keith's attempts to defend his honor from their rapacious teenage desires. – adapted from the Toronto International Film Festival program

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