Ten 'Til Noon

Scott Storm
USA, 2006, 88 minutes
World Premiere

Women's Building 2/03, 930p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/07, 930p Buy

"For me, I don't think a film is worth making if there isn't something fresh and inspiring that you can bring to the table. Even if your genre is well traveled, you owe it to your audience to put your best foot forward."
– director Scott Storm

"In most film narratives, the events of the story progress chronologically, but ours occur simultaneously, so instead of moving forward in time, the film happens sideways."
– screenwriter Paul Osborne

Director Scott Storm's Ten 'til Noon is a deftly-written, intricately-plotted, extremely outrageous neo-noir black-comedy thriller that sets itself apart with a truly unusual narrative structure. The film takes place during a single ten-minute timespan. Progressing repeatedly in real time, the unconventional storyline involves the circumstances of a crime as it's being committed from the viewpoint of several people who are all connected to the incident.

A jet-lagged corporate businessman awakens to find two strangers in his bedroom. Over the next ten minutes, he will experience the final moments of his life. These same ten minutes are repeated several times, but in different places and with different people – yet all of them somehow seem to be connected to this unexplained conspiracy.


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Jaime Travis
Canada, 2005, 9 minutes

Gorgeous, mod-inspired production design situates a woman's recurring nightmare in a stylish world of indeterminate time, place and consciousness.

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