Subject Two

Philip Chidel
USA, 2006, 93 minutes

Roxie Cinema 2/05, 930p Buy
Women's Building 2/11, 7p Buy

"Creating an HD feature at 12,000 feet atop Aspen Mountain, CO, in the middle of winter with a crew of no more than 9 people proved to be an irreplaceable experience. Artistically, the idea of marrying a dark and ent story with such a bright and beautiful world was attractive to me. Also, I tried to bring an uncommon emotional core to this psychological thriller's twisted roots. I hope the end result makes for a haunting and oddly-moving viewing experience".
– Philip Chidel

Troubled medical student Adam Schmidt receives an invitation from a doctor seeking help with revolutionary research. Intrigued, Adam embarks on an odd journey to the lab in a remote cabin high atop a snow-covered mountain. There, above the world, amid nowhere, Adam meets Dr. Franklin Vick, a cryonics and nanotechnology expert. Dr. Vick is engaged in highly unethical medical research. His field of expertise: resurrection. Vick asserts he can resurrect the dead, and Adam is hooked. As soon as he agrees to participate Vick grabs a wire and strangles the young man, partially cutting his throat – and the latest round of experiments have begun.

Bay Area writer/director Philip Chidel's Subject Two will receive its World Premiere at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival before Philip brings his film to IndieFest. This truly independent feature was shot entirely on location. In the winter. Brrrrr. The post-film Q&A sessions are going to be good.

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