Frederic Banting
USA, 2006, 78 minutes
World Premiere

Roxie Cinema 2/09, 930p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/11, 12p Buy

"I wanted to show that the road to Hell begins and ends in San Francisco".
– Frederic Banting

The first feature from local director Banting is a solid, gritty neo-noir thriller. It's dark and funny and details the complete and total dysfunction of a couple of bad people who exhibit very bad behavior.

Haley is a young stripper in a world of drugs, prostitution, and violence. Her boyfriend J.J. is a petty thug tired of nickel and diming his way through life. With a huge payoff in mind, he forces Haley to seduce a strip club patron named Big Game James. An ambush quickly follows, but it all goes bad and ends with J.J. bludgeoning James. He takes the phone, a .38 revolver, and Big Game's black 1964 Chevy Impala. Now a wanted man, J.J. slips on his black sunglasses to protect himself from the hostile elements and proceeds to drag Haley down the sleazy streets, past the trashy joints to the scuzziest depths of the City by the Bay.

Haley meets a lonely cab driver named Mark and sees a possible way out of her desperate situation, while J.J. grows even more reckless and destructive. Meanwhile, Big Game James (who was terribly forked over) staggers back upright, and covers himself with bandages. Thinking of nothing but revenge, the bloodied mummified thug embarks on his quest for revenge on the couple who let him live.

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