Razor Blade Smile

Jake West
United Kingdom, 1998, 101 minutes

Roxie Cinema 2/03, 1145p Buy

Outfighting Emma Peel, out-dressing Catwoman and busting Barbarella's curves; Lilith is out for blood. She's part seductress... part assassin... and all Vampire!!!

Jake West (director of Evil Aliens, a smash hit at the 2005 Another Hole in the Head Film Festival) unsealed the climate controlled vault in the back of his closet to provide his personal 35mm print for this screening. This is a rare opportunity to see this hugely entertaining vampire romp on the big screen where it belongs. Thanks Jake!

Lilith Silver should have died in 1850, the innocent victim of a pistol duel between her lover Jack Ryder and the sinister Sir Sethane Blake. Unwilling to let her die, the victorious Blake grants Lilith Silver the gift of eternal life and the freedom to wander time and kill at will as a vampire. The present day sees Lilith Silver employed as a head-strong contract killer, paid to assassinate the Bavarian Illuminati – an underground sect whose power is attained through both technology and supernatural powers. One by one, their occult group is falling prey to the vampire killer – and she must be stopped. Lilith responds as only the undead can...by raising the body count in any way possible. Now that's entertainment!!


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Jake West
2003, United Kingdom, 12 minutes

For anyone who's fallen for the wrong person 'Whacked' is a sexy, funny and ultimately startling tale of what results when the tables turn on the love of a lifetime.

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