Mini Movies

The Mini-Movies are for people who would love to see four movies at the Festival; but only have the time, money (or patience) to see one. These epic short films aren't quite long enough to call themselves movies – but they're pretty gosh-darn close. The Mini-Movies have something for everybody: we begin with a boxing drama set in the 1930s, into a surreal coming-of-age tale, followed by a kinetic comedy from Tokyo, and an action-comedy homage to the work of Michael Bay rounds out the program.

Roxie Cinema 2/04, 430p Buy
Women's Building 2/12, 7p Buy


Second Round

Phillip Briggs
USA, 2005, 26 min

Wallace is a down and out boxer turned bar owner after being forced to leave the boxing ring. Thirty years later he finds himself on the other side of the ropes, mentoring (and reliving his past through) a young fighter. Soon, they are faced with the same situation that destroyed the older man's dreams.



Eyes of a Child

Delphine Suter
USA, 2005, 21 min

Suter's film is an exploration of the imagination of Beatrice, an introverted but extremely intelligent 10 year-old girl. An avid reader, she totally immerses herself in her books and blurs the fragile line between fantasy and reality. Don't you hate it when that happens?



Secret Show

Hiroyuki Nakao
Japan, 2005, 22 min

Hotta, a young bicycle courier, is in a big hurry. Hired by a famous TV host's girlfriend, he encounters secrets and obstacles.



Bon Appetit

Justin Lutsky
USA, 2005, 30 min

Bon Appetit is an entree of action-packed fun, garnished with laughs and seasoned with surprises! Nuff said.

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