Mad Cowgirl

Gregory Hatanaka
USA, 2006, 89 minutes
Multiple languages with occasional English subtitles
World Premiere

Roxie Cinema 2/04, 930p Buy
Women's Building 2/05, 215p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/14, 930p Buy

Sarah Lassez (Nowhere, The Blackout, Until the Night) delivers a star-making performance as Therese, an ass-kicking health inspector with a failed marriage, an on-going affair with a creepy televangelist, nymphomania, and an obsession with old kung-fu movies. Further complicating her life is a very questionable relationship with her brother Thierry (James Duval from The Doom Generation and Donnie Darko), a meat importer who may (or may not) have infected her with mad cow disease.

Mad Cowgirl is practically impossible to describe, but it's a Narrative-Experimental-Art-Comedy-Horror-Tragedy-Kung Fu epic that features multiple languages, a little hardcore porn, a flying guillotine, the old ultraviolence and Walter Koenig (Cmdr. Pavel Chekov) as a slimy sex-addicted preacher. Great Scott!

It could also be described as a film about a woman who is dying of a brain disorder, and her surreal journey which descends into violence; or perhaps, it's about a woman who hates her job, and the men in her life, so she is driven to kill the Ten Tigers From Kwangtung. Walter Koenig and others are expected at the premiere. Get your tickets early!

At a time when too many movies are strictly connect-the-dots simple, Mad Cowgirl is a kick in the shins and a scream in the ear to the enervated indie audience. Its experimentalism recalls the glory days of Resnais and Godard and the groundbreaking American underground icons who dared to ignore the conventional rules of filmmaking in favor of shocking the senses with non-linear storytelling, disturbing imagery, and a whirl of flashy style that also contains a high degree of intellectual substance. It actually goes beyond filmmaking into film provocation. Mad Cowgirl will force its audience to think about, dissect and debate its content. It is the rare film that stimulates the brain cells to wake up and flex. It is a triumph of avant-garde cinema and a true work of cinematic art.
– Film Threat (from a 5 star review)

The filmmaker, Sarah Lassez, and Walter Koenig will be appearing at the screening.

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