Kissing on the Mouth

Joe Swanberg
USA, 2005, 78 minutes

Roxie Cinema 2/10, 1145p Buy
Women's Building 2/12, 12p Buy

Warning: this film contains frank depictions of adult sexuality, explicit directorial manipulation and closeups of feet.

"Kissing on the Mouth manages to be a kind of manifesto about explicit sex on screen, and yet at the same time, maintains a biting sense of humor about the actual sex and relationships that it depicts"
– Cinematical

"The production of this film, and now the effort to present it to an audience, has been a constant process of overcoming our fears. We let our guard down, and took our clothes off, in an effort to accurately represent the struggle of young people, people our age, to gain distance from their parents and find love with each other. It was important to us to present realistic images of ourselves, as we are frustrated with the current representations of our generation."
– Joe Swanberg

Ellen is sleeping with her ex-boyfriend and trying to ignore the fact that he's looking for more than just sex. Her roommate, Patrick, isn't helping matters with his secretive and jealous behavior. The small cast served as the only crew on this intimate, often humorous film featuring frank dialogue, explicit sex, and real interviews with recent college graduates.

Chicago filmmaker Joe Swanberg's Kissing on the Mouth is noteworthy, not because it uses onscreen sexuality to explore issues of sex and infidelity within post-college relationships – but for its honesty.

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