Spring is right around the corner and romance is in the air. Valentines Day is coming and we have an excuse to exercise IndieFest's love muscles. Join us for a hard look at that most basic of human desires - companionship. So bring a date and celebrate the passion, humor and utter chaos of eros and relationships. Love, soft as an easy chair...

Women's Building 2/05, 930p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/08, 430p Buy


What are the Odds?

Matthew Tritt
USA, 2005, 19 minutes

Fate and mathematics equal love in the Big Apple.



The Anger Eater

Kelsey Kleiman
USA, 2005, 5 minutes

You know what really bugs me?



Significant Romance in Compressed Time

Michael P. Scasserra
USA, 2006, 15 minutes
World Premiere

A man and a woman meet, fall in love, move in together, then unravel – in record time.



The Year of the Wonderful Bedroom

Paul Neyrinck
USA, 2005, 8 minutes

When Mom's new boyfriend spends the night upstairs, Willy's bedroom becomes a noisy abyss.



Trying the Not

Matthew Pearce
USA, 2005, 8 minutes

Five minutes to go, the guests are seated, the priest is ready but the groom is having doubts. Why get married at all these days?



Do Something Pretty While you Can

Mark Marez
USA, 2006, 18 minutes
World Premiere

A surreal examination of the three stages of love – for a vastly fragmented generation.



Hombre Kabuki

Leo Age
USA, 2005, 10 minutes

A menage a trois involving Thomas, Vivvy and a Lucha Libre mask.



Dirty Mary

Stuart Rogers
USA, 2006, 20 minutes
World Premiere

Yes! This is it! He's the one! No doubt about it. I'm not gonna screw this one up...NO MATTER WHAT!

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