Johnny Montana

John Daniel Gavin
USA, 2006, 92 minutes
World Premiere

Roxie Cinema 2/09, 7p Buy
Women's Building 2/12, 215p Buy

Writer/director/star John Daniel Gavin sets the high-water mark for ambitious low-budget feature filmmaking with Johnny Montana, his first feature film. An amazingly slick production considering the usual independent film challenges. Shot over 360 days in 60 New York locations, entirely 'guerrilla-style,' Johnny Montana captures New York's vibrancy and grittiness – it's almost a character in itself.

In his mid twenties, Johnny Montana's frustrated – trapped at home in blue collar Brooklyn with aging parents, unemployed brother – and no get-out plan. That is until he lands a concierge job at an upscale Manhattan apartment building. He's a striver all right and winds up sleeping with a rich tenant. She introduces him to a 'contact' in the 'business' and from there? Rags to riches as he sells his soul for a shot as an American Gigolo in the Big Apple. This film is all about sex, lies and money. Johnny Montana takes you for a ride on his leased Harley through the city streets – and more sex than you'd have thought possible. It's funny, tragic, fast and fun. Johnny Montana is that American Dream gone askew.

The eternal choice between Love and Money. Should you take the money and run? It looks like Johnny may be heading that direction, but you'll need to see where it takes him.
– Mike Skurko

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