Initial D

(Taumanchi D)
Andrew Lau & Alan Mak
Hong Kong, 2005, 108 minutes
Cantonese with English subtitles

Roxie Cinema 2/03, 215p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/07, 7p Buy

"This super-slick street-racing picture, based on a Japanese manga series and set in Japan, has conquered the East Asian market."
– Variety

"Automotive porn in the finest sense"
– Twitch

Jay Chou is Takumi Fujiwara, a Japanese high school student who works at a gas station and lusts after classmate Natsuki (Anne Suzuki). But Takumi has a hidden talent: street racing in an old Toyota Trueno AE86. He clocks insane times on the Mt. Akina downhill by applying the 'drifting' technique and skidding around corners without losing speed. But he isn't racing – just going home quickly after delivering tofu for his dad Bunta (Anthony Wong). If Takumi outraces anyone, it's just a coincidence. But the leader of the Night Kids racing team, shows up to take on the 'Akina Racing God,' An illegal racing god is born and the action gets fast and furious – Hong Kong style.

This is the most anticipated Hong Kong film of 2005: not only is it based on a beloved anime/manga series, but it reunites the creative team behind the Infernal Affairs series – co-directors Andrew Lau and Alan Mak and writer Felix Chong. Initial D premiered at the Venice Film Festival, opened in the United States at the AFI Festival and picked up two awards at the 42nd Golden Horse Awards: Best Supporting Actor went to Anthony Wong and Jay Chou picked up the award for Best New Performer.

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