Filmic Achievement

Kevin Kerwin
USA, 2005, 80 minutes

Roxie Cinema 2/08, 215p Buy
Women's Building 2/11, 430p Buy

"... snarky and sarcastic but always has an underlying affection for its subject. That combination makes Filmic Achievement a towering achievement in laughter.
– Cleveland Plain Dealer

"Crammed with inside jokes for filmmakers, it still offers laughs for everyone."
– Kansas City Star

"...of particular interest to cynics..."
– Boston Globe

"At UNY we are dedicated to all types of filmmakers – African-American, Asian-American, Cuban and Dominican-American, Russian-American, French-American, English-American, Gay/Lesbian and Transgender Individuals, The Handi-Capable, the Elderly and of course Women and/or Womyn on the face(s) of filmmaking today.

If you choose to apply to and attend UNY we will work collectively towards realizing your vision as you see it – be it dark, light, or somewhere in-between dark and light. Our intensive program is designed to grow your skills, sensibilities and enlarge your filmic ambitions. It is this spirit that we shall work to mold you through a fire created from our bellies and loins, yes – directly from the fire of creativity!"
– Buck J. Felty: Dean, Screenwriting Professor, Director of Admissions

Each year, UNY awards one student the coveted Filmic Achievement Award. Buck Felty, Dean and Screenwriting professor, approached Kevin Kerwin to mockument the selection process for the award. Kerwin was given an all-access pass to the school and was able to examine the workings of the program at UNY. The film he achieved is Filmic Achievement.

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