Fast, Funny, and Short

We believe that films in film festivals should (almost always) be faster, funnier and shorter. Therefore, this collection of short films uses scientific principles and is ergonomically constructed (and extensively field-tested using IndieFest’s patented Laughometer®) to move very quickly and to make you snigger, giggle, chortle, guffaw and snort. In addition, if you attend this program and discover that you do not enjoy the short film that you are currently watching, we solemnly swear that a new (and completely different) short film will begin to play very soon. Warning, extensive knee-slapping will leave strange marks.

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Baby Pepper

Carl Russo
USA, 2005, 2 minutes

In the New World Order, it's tough to be a cop.



Space Chase

Duncan & Pearson
UK, 2005, 5 minutes
US Premiere

All obstacles, be they cars, people or concrete walls are cleared with ease and agility by Smart Guy and Nimble Girl.



Right Place

Kosai Sekine
Japan, 2005, 5 minutes

An eccentric, obsessive Tokyo convenience store worker discovers a new career.




Jamin Winans
USA, 2005, 8 minutes

Two Turntables and a Time Machine.




Mathijs Geijskes
Netherlands, 2005, 6 minutes
North American Premiere

A film within a film...within a film...within a film...



I Need my Mocha

Anthony Lucero
USA, 2005, 4 minutes

Oakland-based Lucero's highly caffeinated misadventure.




Maya Gouby
Belgium, 2005, 5 minutes

An old woman cherishes her passion for feeding the ducks.



The Pitch aka. Lebron James vs. the Alien King

Nick Scown
USA, 2006, 7 minutes
World Premiere

Welcome to Hollywood!



Dolls with Issues

USA, 2005, 8 minutes

Host Jerome X interviews the late great Sigmund Freud, reincarnated in his doll form complete with cigar and a willingness to blame it all on Mom.



The Idealist

Clay Epstein
USA, 2005, 15 minutes
North American Premiere

Pollution upsets him, hunger pisses him off and homelessness infuriates him. Can one man and his Vespa make a difference or are we all doomed to drive SUVs and eat from the Ninety-nine cent menu?



The Zit

Mike Blum
USA, 2005, 5 minutes

A young boy on his way to his school dance is forced to deal with his first pimple problem.



Five Infomercials for Dentists

Signe Baumane
USA, 2005, 5 minutes

Five bizarre infomercials introduce dentists to the essential tools of their trade.




John Cernak
USA, 2005, 5 minutes

What 'The Man' wants, 'The Man' gets... and if you don't pay attention it will go by in the blink of a sound bite!



Safety First

Scott Calonico
USA, 2005, 5 minutes

Okay, it's clear now. Go. Go now. Go. Go go go. Okay drive.... Now. Go Go. Go.... now.



Valley of Gwombi

Michael Granberry
USA, 6 minutes, 2005

Airplane carrying esteemed scientist missing from radar! Dinosaurs lick their lips!



The One O'clock

Kelsey Kleiman
USA, 2006, 5 minutes
World Premiere

Hello, we're here for advice about our marital issues.




Lori Grossman
USA, 2005, 4 minutes

Julie is mortified (and you will laugh hysterically) after she visits her gynecologist.

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