Brian Bedard
USA, 2005, 94 minutes

Women's Building 2/04, 7p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/06, 430p Buy

"Facade chronicles the last 89 minutes of a young man's life, laying out his struggles with self-identity, conflicted relationships with his mother and friends, and his deeply unresolved grief over the death of his father a year earlier. Facade offers us a glimpse into a world at the end of a life and the factors that re-enforce the facade of living, rather than the living itself."
– The Source

This is an 89-minute real-time story, based on true events, about the suicide of a young man named Harold at his 19th birthday party with his girlfriend, her friend, his best friend and his friend's drug-dealer. As the night unfolds, we see what could have been a night of pleasant debauchery transform into a drug-induced hypnotic frenzy of sex, pain, and physical and emotional brutality, that culminates in the clarity of thought and will necessary to propel Harold onward to his final moments. Bedard allows us to observe his self-destruction until we begin to grasp his need to leave this world. Perhaps even respect him for the courage to step away from pain the world has thrown at him.

Facade heralds a major new talent. With just $7,000 and an appropriated camera, multi-hyphenate producer, writer, director and lead actor Brian Bedard transformed the emotional anguish of the suicide of his best friend into one of the most powerful films of the year. This is Facade.

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