Rudolf Mestdagh
2004, 103 minutes
Flemish with English subtitles

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"It's about people who have tragedies in their lives, and then receive consolation. It's about hope and solace, but it has a definite tragic-comic feel to it."
– Rudolf Mestdagh

The Brussels-based director/co-writer of Ellektra is right on the money. His feature debut was inspired by the "poetic nightmares" of Lynch, the offbeat characters of Almodóvar and the tragicomic romanticism of Jeunet. Rudolf will be joining us to present his film, host the post-film Q&A and attend the parties.

Ellektra is a fast paced, darkly disturbing surrealistic modern fable. It takes place in the aftermath of a series of tragic accidents. Ellektra comes into play when those who've suffered irreparable harm receive mysterious text messages offering help. The promise is simple; if you respond, you will find comfort and relief.

A note to the squeamish: this film may cause suffering. Sudden impacts; gore, pain and human suffering are served up fast-and-furious. You may cringe with each and every loss in this powerful, yet ultimately uplifting, film. It's gripping and horribly painful, but there's a sense of poetic justice that brings you full circle. It's a mad rush of adrenaline, and also very funny. Don't miss this unforgettable film. Which is also not recommended for viewers with collections in jars.
– Mike Skurko


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