December Ends

Lee Kreiger
USA, 2006, 105 minutes
World Premiere

Women's Building 2/03, 7p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/06, 215p Buy

Chris is a smart young guy in New York when his mother tragically dies, and his father has a nervous breakdown and is unable to work for months. The money runs out and his job at the used bookstore won't pay the rent, so Chris's cousin (and best-friend) Brian finds him a lucrative position delivering marijuana for Brian's prep-school chum, Hayden. One fateful day in the bookstore, Chris meets his new boss's girlfriend Audrey – and he instantly falls for her.

When Hayden expands his business to include cocaine, his professionalism slides and more and more of his sideline starts going up his nose. While Hayden's relationship with the drug strengthens, his ties to Audrey weaken and she begins to spend more of her time with Chris. When Hayden OD's and ends up in the hospital, Chris spends the night with Audrey. All hell breaks loose, and the star-crossed lovers soon find themselves caught right in the middle of a deadly drug war.

A nuanced script, great performances from the charismatic young leads, solid direction, and real human emotions anchor this phenomenal feature film debut film from 22 year-old producer/writer/director Krieger. This modern spin on the timeless tragic romance is notable for its youthful energy and passion, the pitch-perfect performances of the excellent ensemble cast and the genuine emotional impact of the film.

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