Fisher Poets

Jennifer Brett Winston
USA, 2006, 41 minutes
World Premiere

Women's Building 2/03, 215p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/05, 12p Buy

Fisher Poets is the fascinating story of a unique breed of commercial fishermen who spin tall tales and weave true stories of life at sea through vivid and powerful poetry. Strong of character and steeped in tradition, these men and women from America's last great frontier share their passions in tight rhymes and loose verse. We'll join them at The Fisher Poets Gathering where amateurs and professionals alike prove that what they take from the sea is more than the catch of the day, it's food for thought. "This is where I draft my love letters to the industry," says fisherman, Dave Densmore. Discover what truly inspires these salty characters as they tell the world how the food on their plate represents a community upon extinction. A moving, poignant and often hilarious film that features more than a few world-class poets and performance artists (who just happen to be fishermen).


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