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A truly global panorama of the best little thriller and action films out there. If guns, knives, swords, double-crosses, triple crosses, betrayal, dames, guts and glory are your idea of a good night out at the movies - then step right up. It's crimetime!

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The Method

Jason Holzman
USA, 2005, 23 minutes

How far will an actor go to land the part of a lifetime? He's gotten two callbacks for a major part as a vicious criminal. He's a really nice guy. He needs to get this part. He has a gun. This is the latest film from Gregg Brown and Jason Holzman the co-directors of the feature film Words, winner of the Best Film Award at the 2004 SF DocFest. They wrote this script at Fisherman's Wharf.



The Unfolding

Ian Thompson
Canada, 2005, 21 minutes

A robbery at a bookstore reveals differences of opinions, motives and memories.




Juan A. Cordova
Mexico, 2005, 11 minutes
Spanish language with English subtitles

A father watches over his son and family in the best way he can.




James Scott Mason
USA, 2005, 22 minutes.

A homeowner pulls a gun on a burglar and the intruder is forced to submit to the homeowner's control. Get on your knees and pray for Deliverance.



Kyoto Nocturnes – Part 1: Elegant Slaughter

John Foster
Japan, 2005, 22 minutes
Japanese language with English subtitles

A dark night in the treacherous realm of the yakuza...dead men appear and the new alliances are made.



Boys Grammar

Dean Francis
Australia, 2005, 10 minutes

Ah, young men and their rites of passage.

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