At the Molehills of Madness

Tremendously twisted tales from the black vortex of Edge City.

Women's Building 2/05, 12p Buy
Roxie Cinema 2/11, 215p Buy


The Rope

Philippe Andre
UK, 2005, 10 minutes

Feeling dragged out?



Panty Girls

Gregory Schaefer
USA, 2005, 11 minutes

Come for the lingerie and stay for the calamari.



The Sadness of Johnson Joe Jangles

Jeffery St. Jules
Canada, 2004, 19 minutes

Two young lovers head to uncharted territories.



Circus of Infinity

Sue Corcoran
USA, 2005, 10 minutes

Don't let the clowns get you down.




Yuri A
Switzerland, 2004, 4 minutes

Everybody poops.



Shadow of a Post-Modern Dilemma

Mareesa Stertz
USA, 2005, 7 minutes

Fear eats the soul.



Duck Children

Sam Walker
UK, 2001, 8 minutes
USA Premiere

Oh. My. God. Why am I watching this?




Daniel Lamberts
Belgium, 2005, 11 minutes

Surgery can be *so* cathartic sometimes.



Pretty Kitty

Gregory McDonald
USA, 2004, 4 minutes

Here kitty kitty! Nice kitty - Daddy's got a surprise for you!




Anabela Costa
Portugal, 2005, 22 minutes

A psychedelic mystical journey from 0 to 9. Check your head at the door.

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