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Vladimir Vitkin
2004, USA, 90 minutes

Roxie Cinema

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X,Y is a consistently surprising, intelligent and inventive film. Harvard and AFI educated director Vladimir Vitkin’s first feature successfully adapts the cult science fiction novel of the same name by acclaimed San Francisco author Michael Blumlein.

“The odd story of what might really happen if one loses one's sexual identity. It succeeds early on and concludes smartly. It is the kind of gender bender that bravely explores the dark side of a Freaky Friday – adult style. X,Y is not a film for everyone. In fact, a word of caution should be issued to viewers: this is a film that tells a very dark story about identity and dominion with blood, sex, and piercings.” - Jonathan Hickman Entertainment Insiders

Thanks for the excellent warning Jonathan! Dear reader, I am now forced to advise you to buy your tickets early to ensure admission to this surreal, disturbing dissection of male-female power struggles, gender confusion and sadomasochism. Please leave your gender issues at the door; they will be available for pickup when you leave the auditorium.

Frankie is a New York stripper sharing an apartment with her boyfriend Terry. She collapses onstage one night, and awakens with the unshakable belief that she has exchanged identities with one of the club’s male patrons, and that she is now a man living in the body of a woman named Frankie. Their balance of power is severely disturbed. Order and tranquillity must be restored – let the piercing begin!

- Bruce Fletcher

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