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Daniel Roby
2004, Canada, 89 minutes

Roxie Cinema

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Winner of the Best Canadian First Feature Film Award - "For its audacious genre bending as well as its mix of race politics, romance and horror." - 2004 Toronto International Film Festival

Henri is Haitian and his roommate Thierry is Quebecois. They spend their spare time walking the crowded streets of Montreal discussing race relations, philosophy and the merits of various writers. For Thierry’s birthday, Henri decides to treat them to a pair of hookers. Henri’s moans turn to screams when one of the prostitutes slits his throat, nearly killing him. They concoct a story that blames skinheads for the attack and put the incident behind them.

Shortly thereafter Thierry enters an intense sexual relationship with Claire, a beautiful, mysterious redhead with pale, translucent skin, a bizarre family - and a closet full of skeletons.

White Skin, based on noted author Joël Champetier’s novel, is a fresh, genre-busting work, mixing elements of science fiction, romance and fantasy. With nods to both David Cronenberg (watch for clips from Rabid) and Roman Polanski, director Daniel Roby’s situations, dialogue and characters inhabit a real world gone terrifyingly askew. Roby’s debut is a strikingly assured piece of filmmaking that uses atmosphere and suggestion to intrigue and terrify throughout.

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