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Gregory Hatanaka
2004, USA, 87 minutes

Women's Building

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Roxie Cinema
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“Until the Night is one of the most mature, devastating and challenging films to come along… a work of such professional triumph and emotional maturity that it makes nearly every current drama in release pale in comparison. This is what independent filmmaking should be all about – taking chances and succeeding with gusto. What a damn fine movie!” - 5 stars Film Threat

It's ok to be a little crazy… everyone is…

Robert, (Norman Reedus: Boondock Saints) a struggling writer, lives life in the moment. Obsessed with his various vices, he loses himself in his fantasies until he has played out his self-absorbed games so long they no longer interest him. Mina, radiant and intense, struggles on a daily basis to gain control and find meaning in her life. Jealous of Robert's ability to find inspiration everywhere when she can't find it anywhere, lost in her addictions, it takes everything she has to get out of her self-destructive relationship. Elizabeth is strong and willful. A successful, young career woman living the perfect public image as her personal life slips toward the brink of disaster. She struggles to stay committed to her marriage to Daniel, a failed actor, as it grows increasingly oppressive.

Until the Night examines these individuals' lives that explode with sexual tension, violence, chaos and misunderstandings as each runs through their own spiritual gauntlet and faces their personal demons. With Fitzgerald-like sensitivity, it delicately navigates themes of indulgence, sanity, self-loathing and cynical romanticism.

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