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Tripping with STRANGERs

Aural explorations & stellar documentations.

Roxie Cinema

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STRANGER: Bernie Worrell on Earth

Phil DiFiore
2005, USA, 40min

Perhaps language IS a virus from outer space...Highly respectful and riveting portal into the realm of Bernie Worrell. Strobe lit with the infectious synthesized sounds that Worrell himself invented, STRANGER documents his prodigious past, gruff realities of present, and begs us to wonder what modern music would be without him. With David Byrne, Bootsy Collins, Prince Paul & many others.


Tripping with Caveh

Caveh Zahedi
2004, USA, 30 min

Sit back and watch as filmmaker Caveh Zahedi invites Will Oldham (Palace Brothers, Palace) to take psychedelic mushrooms with him…


Bardot A Go Go (a work in progress)

Johnnie Lieske
2006, USA/France, 9min

Sixties French Pop Doc-In-Progress…featuring interviews with Jean-Marie Pèrier, Antoine and Jacques LeBlanc.


Action Woman

Carol Chiodini
2004, USA, 5min

Stylish look at making things WORK.


Dealership "All the Kids"

Jason Koxvold
2005, USA, 2 min

SF indiepop superkids Dealership’s World Premiere Video!

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