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Mark Slutsky, Daniel Perlmutter & Seth W. Owen
Canada, 2004, 55 minutes
US Premiere

Roxie Cinema

2/5, 12P Buy
Women's Building
2/12, 430P Buy

The Recommendations , the latest from Montreal’s Automatic Vaudeville Studios details the disturbing story of Gordon Gary Ross. Ross is a mentally ill writer (now that’s a stretch) who becomes obsessed with Philip Swan, the famous novelist who stole Ross’ manuscript and printed it in his own name.

The accusations spark a wildly misguided campaign of blackmail, harassment and revenge, culminating in a surprising display of brutal vengeance that sends shock waves throug h Montreal’s literary community. The strange series of events is recounted through candid interviews with those involved and a wealth of archival materials.

- Bruce Fletcher


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The Road That Binds Us

Mikil Lee Rullman
Canada , 2004, 39 minutes
World Premiere


The Road That Binds Us is a beautifully shot, well-acted, cleverly structured featurette that marks Rullman as a talent to watch. The bittersweet dramatic narrative follows three separate (and apparently unrelated) stories full of clashing characters and unexpected incidents.

Poetic, blackly humorous and uniquely suspenseful the film tracks its characters as they move down the road that binds them toward their tangled destiny and a powerful, disturbing and uplifting conclusion on the outskirts of sleepy, little Gracetown.

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