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John Erick Dowdle
2005, USA, 74 minutes

Women's Building

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Roxie Cinema
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How low would you go to meet your next love?

Fresh from it’s World Premiere at Slamdance, John Erick Dowdle’s The Dry Spell is one of the funniest films I’ve seen in ages. It’s also a bizarre, politically incorrect Homeric monologue with a truly romantic soul - and a more than a handful of classic quotable lines. How good is that? See it with someone you love.

The Dry Spell is an offbeat comedy hilariously depicting the deterioration of mental health in the absence of sex. With its unique style and structure, it provides a penetrating look into the disturbed psyche of a man alone. The story chronicles the comic missteps of our irreverent hero, Josey Fargo, as he desperately seeks a new mate.

It's been nearly two years since this dry spell began, and the urgency to find new love is boiling over. Josey's self-confidence is at an all-time low, and he longs for days past when it all came easy. With no money, no job, and strikingly poor genes, Josey must try harder than other men. And try he does. There appears to be no limit to the depths of his side-splitting depravity - whatever you do, just keep him away from the peanut butter.

Dowdle’s multi-layered comedy also subtly examines the fragility of self-confidence in the absence of a relationship, and the fear of growing old alone, but don’t let that put you off. Just get ready for a good laugh.

- Bruce Fletcher

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