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Will Swenson
USA, 2004, 93 minutes

Castro Theatre

2/3, 945P Buy
Roxie Cinema
2/11, 7P Buy

Sons of Provo is very odd, even by IndieFest standards: side-splitting comedies from Utah about Mormon boy-bands are surprisingly rare.

Packed with outrageous moves and saintly songs, Everclean is the hot new sensation in the Mormon boy-band scene. The film chronicles the struggles and successes of a cute group of boys who fight to become the most spiritual, most punctual Mormon boy-band in history. Will (the cute one) is a Dancercize instructor, Danny (the moody one) is a student of eastern philosophy, and Kirby (the new boy in the band) has soft blue eyes, loves helping his mom, performs in community theater and is renowned throughout Provo for his scrapbooking expertise.

Sons of Provo has it all: remarkably catchy tunes about not having sex, beer mugs full of Sprite, campy boy-band historians, subtextual ambiguity, gargantuan egos, huge family reunions, anti-depressant abuse, wacky choreography, Mormon gangsta rap, and a platonic girlfriend with a hammer in her overalls - plus you’ll learn some interesting stuff about Mormons.

FYI - Director/Star Will Swenson is the Tom Cruise of the Utah film scene (Saltywood?), and attracts crowds of starstruck LDS girls wherever he goes, ensuring that Sons of Provo will be a blockbuster in Utah and Southern Idaho – and virtually impossible to find anywhere else.

- Bruce Fletcher


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