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Jesse Heffring
2005, Canada, 80 minutes
World Premiere

Women's Building

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Get set for a whole new kind of thriller, a thriller for a 21st century of nanotechnology and low-budget video, of vast conspiracies and cheap surveillance cameras. This is one breathless ride into the future.

No sooner does doctor Adam Lemay see his wife off at the airport one night then he is plunged into a harrowing nightmare in which he is a pawn in some unknown madman’s deadly game. Told that his wife has been kidnapped, and given a PDA showing a video feed of his wife trapped in a water-filled coffin, he is forced to follow the bizarre instructions of a disembodied voice as it sends him careening around the city, or watch his wife drown. He meets up with vicious bikers, government agents, baffled scientists, and strange masked gunmen. He’s forced into back-alley surgeries, impersonations and gunpoint thefts. He’s beaten, shot and chased way past exhaustion, all the while listening to this stranger’s emotionless voice barking its orders. And as his terrible night goes on, it slowly becomes clear that there’s something more at stake than a man and his wife – that this may be a conspiracy of gargantuan proportions, perhaps even beyond human comprehension.

Jesse Heffring’s raw, ruthless, cyberpunk techno-thriller ingeniously exploits its own low budget scrappiness. It hits the ground running and never lets up, chopping up the image in a frenzy of split screens and pixeled-out video and surveillance camera footage. It’s a dazzling, frantic tour de force, a very wild ride right up to the jaw-dropping final scene.

- Tod Booth

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