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Power and Control: LSD in the 60s

Aron Ranen
2005, USA, 70 minutes
World Premiere

Women's Building

2/4, 7P Buy
2/13, 215P Buy

Aron Ranen, San Francisco’s foremost Gonzo documentarian, returns to IndieFest with a special work-in-progress screening of his latest feature film – a peripatetic journey to discover the secret history of psychedelics. He follows the story wherever it leads him – from the legitimate experiments conducted at the Harvard Divinity school to rather bizarre plans to unleash LSD on enemy troops on the battlefield.

He interviews Ram Dass (who was Richard Alpert when he was still Timothy Leary’s associate at Harvard), visits Paul Krassner former editor of The Realist, ‘Monkey Mike’ – a North Bay researcher who (with the government’s blessing) kept primates in huge cages in his backyard and was gave them LSD as late as the mid-70s, and he locates the notorious North Beach brothel used by the CIA to dose unsuspecting Johns (as agents observed the resultant chaos from behind one-way mirrors). Drop ‘em if you got ‘em.


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Scott Calonico, USA, 2003, 10 minutes.

"… we do not recommend testing [LSD] in the Christmas punch bowls usually present at the Christmas office parties."
- CIA Internal Memo December 15, 1954.

Nuff said.

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