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Nice to Meet You. Please Don’t Love Me!

Yves Montmayeur
2004, France, 65 minutes
North American Premiere

Women's Building

2/5, 430P Buy
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“Filmed live, with very frequent changes in point of view. We will have maximum subjectivity, digressions and brutal flashbacks.” - Yves Montmayeur

Montmayeur is carving out an interesting niche for himself - hanging around great filmmakers with a Hi8 camcorder. His results are candid, vibrant, intimate and more like poetic personality profiles (with punk rock rhythms) than traditional documentaries. “Nice to Meet You. Please Don’t Love Me!” is his portrait of Asia Argento as she directs The Heart is Deceitful…. -Bruce Fletcher

Preceded by:

The Myth

Simon Safranek
2004, Czech Republic, 56 minutes


Nick Cave. Love him or hate him, he’s got a rabid fan base. They follow him from show to show, and have done for years. They arrive hours early to get a front row spot, hang on every lyric and pray to meet him (though every female fan interviewed agrees that he isn’t particularly good husband material).

Safranekís’ engaging film, shot all over Europe, isn’t just for Cave fans (for Cave fans, though, it’s a must-see). Besides the frothing fans, there’s a great interview with Cave himself (who’s both baffled and flattered by the Deadhead-like tour followers), and plenty of incendiary live music. It’s a compelling look at idol worship vs. the idol himself.

- Tod Booth


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