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Women's Building
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The Oak Dresser

Andrew Kennedy
2003, USA, 7 Minutes

Careful with those acorns.


Robota Teaser III

Doug Chiang
2004, US, 3 Minutes

Human hunting robots.


Conform or Die!

Rob Perri
2004, US, 3 Minutes

Silly rabbit, toys are for training!


Margaret Freeman

Niffer Desmond
2004, US, 1 minute
(Music by The Residents)

A wranglin' ride of gutty machinery.


The Talk of Creatures

Bulk Foodveyor
2004, US, 1 Minute Each

Two wily 1-minute wonders. (music by The Residents)



Nadine Takvorian
2004, US, 3 Minutes

Love never dies…



Aaron Hughes
2004, USA, 3 Minutes

It’s true: flowers do make people smile.


Nelson: Rock'n'Roll Detectives

Jay Barba & Brian Farrelly
2005, US, 6 Minutes
World Premiere

Matthew and Gunner are on the case!



Joshua Pritzker
2004, USA, 7 Minutes

Billy the paperboy dreams of making it Big.


Fred's Box

Aaron Hughes
2004, US, 8 Minutes

Find out what's inside…


Beginning Middle and End

Daniel Greaves
2004, UK, 5 Minutes
US Premiere

All things come 'round in the end…


A Tale of Bad Luck

Brad Peyton
2004, Canada, 8 Minutes

A Short Symphony of Horror.


The Doll

Jeremiah Costello
2004, Germany, 22 Minutes
US Premiere

Alert! Cybernetic puppet amok in Amsterdam!

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