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Milk and Honey

Joe Maggio
2003, USA, 91 minutes

Roxie Cinema

2/9, 7P Buy

“…a low-budget After Hours meets Eyes Wide Shut…” -

“… the remarkable ensemble cast adds even more depth to this thoroughly dynamic film.” - TriBeCa Film Festival

When emotionally troubled stockbroker Rick (Clint Jordan) suddenly re-proposes to his wife of 10 years--Joyce (Kirsten Russell)--in front of their closest friends at a cocktail party--only to be rejected and humiliated by her...his illusory world of comfort and security comes crashing to the ground. Feeling suicidal, angry and desperate, he flees into the New York night to:

1.) break into his psychiatrist’s home and demand a refund;

2.) try and re-ignite the relationship with his girlfriend--with whom he broke up only hours before he re-proposed to his wife;


3.) ask a complete stranger to murder him in exchange for the two-and-a-half karat diamond ring he presented to Joyce for their wedding vow renewal.

Meanwhile, Joyce--growing increasingly worried about Rick--simultaneously embarks to seek out and find him before he does something terrible. But she is unprepared for what soon becomes an emotional adventure--coming face to face with her past infidelity with another man...

...a man whose dead body has recently been found in a Lower East Side apartment... apartment where Rick’s girlfriend now lives... apartment that was cleaned by a forensic expert named Moses...

...who has just been asked by a deranged Rick to kill him.

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