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experimental voyages into the future, past & those places in between.

Roxie Cinema

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Jennifer Gauthier
2003, USA/Hong Kong, 1 Minutes

Hong Kong in a hot NY Minute.


Mold Boat

Fred Pelon
2003, Netherlands, 5 Minutes

Food, fungus and a forgotten holiday.


Encounter in Space

Thomas Draschan
2003, Germany/Austria, 7 Minutes

Found footage voyage of Man's stellar pursuits.


Milk and Honey

Kate McCabe
2005, USA, 16 Minutes
US Premiere

Moving into a twilight realm of dream and hope.


Preserving Cultural Traditions in a Period of Instability

John & Henry Ford
2004, Austria, 3 Minutes
US Premiere

Brackage & Expanding Artefacts.


Hotel City

Phoebe Tooke
2004, USA, 16 Minutes

Single rooms in the tenderloin: cheap rates, few rights.


Living to Work

Leah Wolchock
2004, USA, 8 Minutes

Time keeps on ticking…


The Light

Brian Doyle
2003, USA, 10 Minutes

Illuminating a dark world.



Bobby Abate
2004, USA, 10 Minutes

Prophetic vision rollercoaster ride.

After the ApocolypseI, Curmudgeon The Myth