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Susan Emshwiller
2004, USA, 90 minutes

Roxie Cinema

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“Like many people I have a Mother. I felt her desire to kill us three kids and our own desire to be rid of her. She did all the cooking, cleaning, shopping and child-rearing herself. As a child it struck me that this burden alone was enough to drive someone mad.” - Susan Emshwiller

Emshwiller’s outrageous satire turns 1950’s style science fiction on its head. Bold, experimental, and subversively funny - which makes it a perfect IndieFest late show.

Our hero, Scientist Peter Cochran, is convinced by corporate boss Mr. Brand to release genetically altered cows into the environment before they've been properly tested. Dairy products circulate and suddenly a rash of murders are being committed. Reporter Laurie Shallot tries to uncover the mystery behind these murders. She suspects her old flame, Peter, of causing the crisis. Meanwhile, both Laurie and Peter are attacked by their respective Moms. They discover the secret and Laurie breaks the news that mothers are killing their own children.

Society copes with the crisis. Faced with the horror, people rally together and do what's got to be done — so Mothers are rounded up and put in internment camps. But humans are adaptable creatures, and the new society is working rather well, so the survivors are forced to decide whether or not anyone really wants their mother back?


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