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IdeÉ Fixe

Tales of the delicious, driven and damned.

Women's Building

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Roxie Cinema
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Who Killed Target 1967?

Angie Kwong
2004, Canada, 11 Minutes


A sci-fi requiem for Anna Karina.


Lust and Other Canker Sores

Nora Garcia
2004, USA, 7 Minutes


Oral explorations in dating.


Das Catta

Josh McKnight
2004, USA, 2 Minutes

Whatever turns you on...


Color Blind

Ethan Tran
2004, USA, 10 Minutes


Want pain? Then go kick some ass.


Kaufman's Care

Ashley Fester
2004, Canada, 7 Minutes
US Premiere


The Milkman cometh…


Things Fall Apart

Yaniv Raz
2004, US, 10 Minutes


Snap, crackle & say goodbye.


Perfect Heat

Miska Draskoczy
2005, USA, 11 Minutes
World Premiere


Anxiety and analytic surrealism.



Francisco Serrano
2004, Puerto Rico, 5 Minutes

A palindrome on film.


Delicious Love

Manuel Malle
2004. USA & France, 19 Minutes
US Premiere


After the ApocolypseI, Curmudgeon The Myth