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The Growling Glue

Interpersonal dynamics from a variety of perspectives.

Roxie Cinema

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Gabriele Schaerer
2004, Netherlands, 5 Minutes
US Premiere

Two friends meet for a swim…


My Old Man

Alex Levine
2004, Canada, 7 Minutes.

Father and son, in the words of Bukowski.


Are You Feeling Lonely?

Rosario Garcia-Montero
2003, USA, 14 Minutes

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Try the Morgue.


Guard Dog

Bill Plympton
2004, USA, 5 Minutes.

A crazed paranoid dog finds the park a very scary place.


The Carpenter and His Clumsy Wife

Petter Foott
2004, Ireland, 14 Minutes

A loving couple with the best of intentions.


David and Dee

Jonathan Vara
2004, USA, 19 Minutes.

See what happens when you neglect your kids?


Apartment 206

Gregory Zymet
2004, USA, 29 Minutes.
World Premiere


Wanna go outside?

After the ApocolypseI, Curmudgeon The Myth