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Fighting Tommy Riley

Eddie O'Flaherty
2004, USA, 109 minutes

Roxie Cinema

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“In Fighting Tommy Riley, the winner by a knockout is Eddie Jones. The veteran thespian, regularly seen in colorful supporting roles, flexes his considerable muscles as an aging trainer helping revive the career of a boxer who has lost faith in himself.” - Variety

Fighting Tommy Riley is about the inability to escape who you really are, or who you long to be. It’s about overcoming the fear, shame and heartache felt from living a life unfulfilled: How we often put on masks to convince ourselves and others that we are genuinely happy when in truth we suffer in secret despair.” - Eddie O’Flaherty

Lonely and in poor health, trainer Marty Goldberg (Eddie Jones) has been stuck working on the fringes of the professional circuit far too long. Searching for a way out, he discovers Tommy Riley (played by screenwriter J.P. Davis) , a young man with a troubled past, but raw talent to burn when the gloves are on. Outside the ring however, Tommy displays a self-destructive streak that could end his career before it begins. As the two men begin to work together, they find it’s not just Tommy’s volatile tendencies that threaten their relationship, but also the secret that Marty has spent a lifetime concealing.

Eddie O’Flaherty’s first film is a powerful, privileged, and often heart-breaking, look at the world of the professional fighter, and also picked up the Kodak Award for Best Cinematography at the Hamptons International Film Festival.

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