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Dear Pillow

Bryan Poyser
2004, USA, 85 minutes

Women's Building

2/4, 930P Buy
Roxie Cinema
2/12, 1145P Buy
2/13, 9:15PM Buy

“With its sensitive, resolutely non-exploitative treatment of adolescent sexuality, and its sympathetic portrayal of lonely, obsessed people, this is a brave and intelligent American indie.”
- Edinburgh International Film Festival

“You write for the penis,” says gay ex-porn filmmaker, and current porn-writer Dusty Meyer to his 17 year-old protégé Wes Slack. They are discussing the art of pornography - or how to best exploit people’s darker passions without regard to subtlety, morality or good taste.

Wes spends most of his time masturbating and listening to cell phone calls on his police scanner. After he gets fired from his bagboy job for jerking off at work to the outrageous porn fantasies written by Dusty and printed in the letters section of ‘Dear Pillow’ magazine, he focuses his attention on his neighbor’s conversations. One night he picks up a phone sex call from his landlady Lorna to a random stranger. Since he already has fantasies about Lorna he is inspired to tape and transcribe her calls and submit them to ‘Dear Pillow’.

Meanwhile Dusty decides to convince Lorna to deflower Wes so he can send the tape to his ex-lover (who is now married and hiding his gay past from his wife). Wes is quickly dragged into sexual games that are far more intense than he is prepared for. Boundaries and morality will be put to the test.

Writer/Director Bryan Poyser is a well-deserved 2005 IFP ‘Someone to Watch’ Award nominee for his award-winning, taboo-breaking debut.

- Bruce Fletcher

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