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Dead Birds

Alex Turner
2004, USA, 91 minutes
US Premiere

Roxie Cinema

2/13, 7P Buy

“The savviest American horror flick since Cabin Fever…. First-time director Alex Turner gooses up haunted-house clichés with great flair -- his slow-burning terror tactics and creepy FX owe more to post-Ring Japanese horror than any Yankee antecedents.”
- 4 Stars Toronto’s Eye Weekly

For our 2005 Closing Night Gala we are delighted to scare the hell out of you with the US premiere of Alex Turner’s feature film debut: the ambitious, intelligent and stylish Dead Birds.

Alabama in1863. The Civil War rages on for the third year, and chaos and lawlessness are the order of the day. One day four deserters, a young nurse and a runaway slave ride into town to rob the bank as it accepts a deposit of Confederate Army gold. The robbery goes awry, and the resulting bloodbath (that would make Sam Peckinpah proud) spills into the streets - claiming innocent lives.

The outlaws, led by William (Henry Thomas: ET, Gangs of New York) and his younger brother Sam (Patrick Fugit: Almost Famous, Spun) flee with the gold. They head across country as William leads them toward the promise of Sanctuary in an abandoned plantation. They must spend one night in the decaying mansion before they continue to Mexico to split up the gold. Before the night is over, the increasingly paranoid ragtag band of survivors must decide if what lies within the walls is worse than the soldiers and lawmen waiting for them outside.

- Bruce Fletcher

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