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Mark Milgard
2004, USA, 94 minutes

Roxie Cinema

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Dandelion is the story of a boy searching for love and acceptance. It’s about the beauty and chaos of love. How difficult it is to be open to love, to understand and accept it. It also deals with love within families and what happens when lines of communication break down. - Mark Milgard

Dandelion is a very auspicious debut. The charismatic leads, talented cast of indie veterans, tasteful musical score and breathtaking widescreen cinematography by Tim Orr (George Washington, Undertow, Raising Victor Vargas) put a unique poetic spin on a timeless story of ill fated love.

Somewhere in the wind-swept wheat fields near Moscow, Idaho, Mason Mullich (Vincent Kartheiser: Another Day in Paradise) is trying to escape his tense family life. His mother (Mare Winningham: St. Elmo’s Fire, Miracle Mile) is desperately trying to maintain the illusion of domestic harmony. His father (Arliss Howard: Full Metal Jacket, Natural Born Killers), is making a troubled run for city council. Mason's uncle, a Vietnam veteran who suffers from some kind of post-traumatic stress disorder, contributes to the chaos at the dinner table. Mason meets Danny (Taryn Manning: 8 Mile, Cold Mountain) the new girl in town, and they fall deeply in love. All is well until the murder.

After it premiered, Dandelion went on a world tour to the Netherlands, Germany, the Czech Republic, Canada, Greece, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Japan, Brazil and the UK. Welcome to San Francisco.

- Bruce Fletcher


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