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24 Hours on Craigslist

Michael Ferris Gibson
2004, USA, 76 minutes

Roxie Cinema

2/5, 430P Buy
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Women's Building
2/13, 430P Buy
2/12, 445P Buy

You know Craigslist–it’s the secret engine that drives the Bay Area economy, the place you likely found your last job, apartment, car, couch, bandmate, dance lesson, bankruptcy attorney or Friday-night date. Everybody’s got a Craigslist story, and filmmaker Michael Ferris Gibson came up with an ingenious idea to find a few of them: He set out to document one random day on Craigslist. What he delivers is a rollicking portrait of the Bay Area in all its eccentric glory – a cross section of folks selling everything from 250 pairs of women’s army-surplus pants to everything-they-own (to finance a trip around the world); guys looking for roommates or wives; an Ethel Merman impersonator looking for a back-up band and a strange fellow hoping some hot chicks will show up for his basement sex party. Looking for a support group for your diabetic cat? Need to rent a husband, find a horny poodle, a gay sperm donor or a pre-op transsexual escort? Maybe you need a movie crew (That’s right – Gibson’s cast, crew and music were all found through Craigslist). Gibson even found what can only be called the Ultimate Craigslist Story, which you’ve just gotta hear. There may be Craigslists all over the globe at this point, but Craigslist will always be a Bay Area creation, and Gibson’s terrific movie is a giddy celebration of the Bay Area and everything we love and hate about it. Find a date on Craigslist, and come and see it.

– Tod Booth


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