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Born in a Barn

Elizabeth Elson
2004, USA, 56 minutes

Roxie Cinema

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Just when I thought I’d heard about every last fetish, here’s a new one on me: Ponyplay. This community of folks spends a lot of time in erotic horseplay. That’s literal horseplay – they role-play as human ponies, while their ‘handlers’ put them through their paces. There are ponyplay seminars and retreats, there’s special ponyplay equipment, like bridles and stirrups and harnesses, and they even have their own jargon. It may seem a bit strange, but this is no lark – these are people who identify deeply and profoundly with horses, who enter what they call ‘pony space’ and become ponies, right down to the snorts and whinnies, and who have truly found their bliss. Elizabeth Elson’s delightful doc is an intimate and affectionate look at this unusual, close-knit community. Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary Feature, CineKink 2004.

- Tod Booth


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Liberty in Restraint

Michael Ney
2004, Australia, 35 minutes

Come along with fetish photographer Noel Graydon. In the process of revealing Noel's motives, we encounter the underground world of bondage and discipline, fetish fashion and alternative sex. Graydon is rapidly gaining mainstream recognition for his unusual fine art photography. This beautifully photographed film shows his work in progress, the passion for his art and its themes and the transgressive community he moves within.

Best Documentary Short, CineKink 2004.

FYI - CineKink is an organization in New York that “recognizes and encourages the positive depiction of alternative sexuality in film and television.”

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