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Jan Kounen
2004, France, United Kingdom, Mexico, 124 minutes
US premiere

Roxie Cinema

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One of the most mystical approaches to the Western this side of El Topo, Blueberry assumes its viewers will find the North American Indian hallucinogen-aided approach to mental health every bit as compelling as The Lord of the Rings enthusiasts find Frodo's journey with that pesky ring…. Scalping, gunplay and betrayal intervene en route to a mental duel on the spirit-demon plane that may be the closest this generation will get to having its own variation on the ‘Stargate’ sequence in Kubrick's 2001: A Space Odyssey. - Variety

“It’s a supernatural western. It has all the classic features of a western. The action takes place in natural settings with infinite areas of desert and the breathtaking splendor of the gigantic canyons. And supernatural because the shaman can access a special state of consciousness which enables him to enter the spiritual world, a world of the deceased and the Spirits of nature.” - Jan Kounen

Based on the Mike Blueberry adventures by Jean ‘Moebius’ Giraud and writer Jean-Michel Charlier, Blueberry was six years in the making (including a year that Kounen spent with an Amazon shaman). A great cast, excellent direction and state of the art filmmaking combine to create a truly epic, unforgettable cinematic experience.

A word of warning: we imported the print from France and it may never see a theater screen in America again, so get your tickets early. And don’t miss Other Worlds, Kounen’s documentary of his time with the Shipibo-Conibo shaman.

- Bruce Fletcher

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